Signature Checky Arrangement in New Fine-jewellery Band Is Introduced in Chanel

“Elegance is line,” said Gabrielle Coco Chanel, so it is little admiration that the checky matelassé arrangement would become alike with the actualization abode that she founded.

When envisaging the matelassé effect, Chanel took her cues from the equestrian world, in accurate the jackets beat by abiding boys about racecourses. When stitched, the arrangement lent aggregate and bendability to added lissom abstracts such as jersey, lambskin and silk, and it became a cornerstone of the Chanel aesthetic, a lot of abundantly in the case of the iconic 2.55 bag.

Over the years, the checky aftereffect has fabricated an actualization on a lot of elements in the Chanel portfolio, from handbags and shoes to clothes, baby covering appurtenances and even sunglasses. But it has alone just fabricated its admission on the brand’s fine-jewellery creations.


Chanel’s latest fine-jewellery collection, Signature de Chanel, appearance 48 pieces, all authentic by their geometry. They action a new aberration on the matelassé arrangement – adding to actualize a web that spreads beyond beefy cuffs set with white precious stones or bright pearls, or set in abreast in colossal aboveboard rings and stud earrings.


In appointment the matelassé assimilate jewellery, the Chanel high-jewellery aggregation had to administer an aftereffect predominantly acclimated on softer-than-soft fabrics assimilate abundant tougher materials. “In top jewellery, you plan with harder materials, gold and stones, so the abstruse claiming lies both in the adeptness to accurate the appalling adroitness of the 48 designs produced by our centralized conception studio, and in award the appropriate techniques to aswell account our key ethics of freedom, wearability, animation and fluidity,” explains Benjamin Comar, all-embracing fine-jewellery administrator at Chanel.

“This accumulating pushes the banned of expertise. The arced aboveboard shape, in particular, angry out to be a absolute abstruse claiming to produce, with angled curve that actualize applique amid the adjoining squares, acute bargain bezels, awfully accomplished metalwork and sleeve access to bigger acknowledge the stone, while at the aforementioned time emphasising the outlines of the shape, and accomplishing aberrant flexibility.”

One of the highlights of the accumulating is the across-the-board Signature de Saphir necklace, which extends into 5 strands of brilliant-cut diamonds, alternate by a alone 21-carat basic Ceylon sapphire. The Signature Ultime Saphirs bracelet, meanwhile, consists of 265 sapphires army in an airy setting. “The crafting of this armlet took 5 months, to which you accept to add the alone recutting of anniversary sapphire,” Comar explains.